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Registration: Up to 8 teams (REGISTER NOW).

AGE: 8 years old & up

Location: South of Park in west lawn of SonRise Bible Church.

Time: Starts at Noon on Saturday, August 27th.


Cornhole baseball plays like regular baseball, except each batter throws up to 3 bags instead of being pitched to.


  1. Each game will be 5 innings long. Each team gets a turn to throw bags each inning.

2. When you toss a bag at the cornhole board, any throw that does not go in a hole is considered a strike. If a player gets three strikes their team gets an out.

3. Each team gets three outs per inning.

4. If a bag lands on the board but does not go in, it will count

if knocked in on a subsequent pitch, however if the subsequent pitch goes in to another hole as well, the subsequent pitch will count and the one knocked in will not. 

5. Players must have a batting order. No Pinch hitting.

6. If a bag is thrown into a hole, do as directed by each hole. 


  "Out" - You are out. No more throws. It's the next person's turn. 

 "Single" - Go and sit on the chair at first base. And player on a base advances one base. 

 "Double" - Advance past first base and sit on the chair at second base. Any player that was on base advances two bases.

 "Triple" - Advance past first and second and sit on the chair at third base. All players advance three bases.

"Home Run" - Advance around all the bases. Any player on a base advances to home.

"Sacrifice Bunt" - You are out, but any player on base advances

one base (unless there are already 2 outs). 

7. Each player that gets to home scores a run for their team. 

8. Mercy Rule: 10 runs is the most runs a team can get per inning.

9. Each team should designate a scorekeeper to keep score for both sides and keep track of what inning it is and how many outs there are. 

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