July 6-10th - Frankfort, IL
Camp Manitoqua website
3rd - 5th grade is camp 25a  (7/6-7/10)
6th - 8th grade is camp 25b (7/6 - 7/10)
These are two separate programs at the same camp during the same week.
Pastor Dustin will be bringing a group to camp but parents are invited to help caravan kids there.  The actual cost of camp is $330 but SonRise Bible Church will be subsidizing $180 of the cost of our kids and their friends going to camp. If the entire amount is needed for a kid to go to camp, just contact Pastor Dustin to get that approved.  We don't want any kid not going to camp because of finances. 
To register, as a part of SonRise Bible Church go to the Camp Manitoqua Website to register your child at the link below.
1. Make sure that "SonRise Bible Church - Atkinson" is the church selected by each camper when registering.
2, Use coupon code for 2020 summer camp registration. Text 2063847824 to have the code texted to you.

3. This code will have your church paying the 100% of the camp cost at checkout. We then ask that you bring a check for $150 per camper to the church with the name of the camper and "Summer camp" written in the memo section.

Please do not post the code on e-mail, facebook, your newsletter or bulletin, etc.

Registration does begin @ 5am on February 3rd!




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