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Summer Camp at Camp Manitoqua

I have questions!

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Additional Questions?
Call Pastor Dustin at (206) 384-7824.

REQUIRED TRANSPORT FORM - This form is required to be signed by a parent or guardian and given to Pastor Dustin before your child will be allowed to travel to camp. 

Camp Week:  July 29th-Aug 2nd (we leave at 7:15am Monday and return at about 2:45pm on Friday)

Grades 7-9 will be in Regular Summer Camp while those entering 10th-12 grade will be in the SAM program. 
Cost of camp is covered by the church (value of $475 for Regular Camp and $325 for SAMs) but you must register online for the camp and complete all forms required by the camp. Extras such as paintball or gel-ball and pickle-shack money is not provided by the church.  

HOW DO THE YOUTH GET TO CAMP? - We caravan in vehicles with a couple of parents from the church. You are welcome to drive your child to camp on your own if you like, however, please let us know if you decide to do so.  All youth going to camp MUST bring a parent or guardian signed transport waiver form or they will not be allowed to travel to camp with us.  If you are driving your own child, the waiver form is not required. 

WHAT IS THE PHOTO RELEASE PART OF THE TRANSPORT FORM? - When the pastor is at camp, he is granted permission to take photos and videos of our own church kids at camp. This video will not be made public online, but will be available for you to see after camp is over. We will show it during our Sunday Church Service on Aug. 4th at 10am.  We hope you will join us for that.  Kids will have a chance to share their favorite parts about camp as well. After the service a private link will be available to watch the video and your youth can tell you all about the experiences they had. 

WHAT SHOULD I PACK FOR MY SON OR DAUGHTER? - Camp Manitoqua sent a Program Letter and Parent/Caregiver Information form with detailed information about packing, check-in, medicine, etc. I am attaching a copy of that letter for you here. 

WILL PASTOR DUSTIN GIVE US UPDATES FROM CAMP? - This year Pastor Dustin may or may not spend the week at camp.  However, if he does, he will check in with the kids and participate in some of the activities, however, part of the experience of camp is getting to come home and tell their parent or guardian all about it. Pastor will send out regular updates on how things are going in general. If you have questions about how your camper is doing specifically, feel free to send Pastor Dustin a text or give him a call. 

WHAT TIME WILL YOU RETURN ON FRIDAY - Camp concludes at noon and we should be on the road by 12:30pm. We anticipate being back at the church between. 2:30pm and 3:00pm. Pastor Dustin will plan to send a text to everyone when we are leaving the camp.

MORE QUESTIONS? Ask Pastor Dustin at or text 206-384-7824.

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